With a strong global presence & history that is over 100 years old, Ruud is a trusted American brand of reliable Air Conditioning and Water Heating products. With 7 R & D centres, 10 Laboratories with over 500 engineers and scientists and 25 Manufacturing centres Ruud is indeed a global brand. For many of its Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning products Ruud has state of the art manufacturing facilities in North America. In the Gulf region too, Ruud remains a trusted brand for over 35 years now.

At a high profile launch event held in Kuwait on 17 June 2019, Ruud and its prestigious Air-conditioning partner DASCO Kuwait, launched the much-awaited Renaissance Xcede series, made in North America especially for the Kuwait luxury villas market. The Renaissance Xcede series is truly a product that delivers Reliability beyond Expectations. Mr. Jeff Goss, Senior Manager for Product Management & Business Development – AC, from Ruud brand USA, explained to the event audience of more than 150 attendees, including contractors, consultants and dealers, the key benefits of this series. The Renaissance Xcede Series offers High EER that exceeds the proposed MEW regulation of 1.4 kW/ton, thus ensuring high performance even in peak summer season. This product is extremely durable, thanks to critical components like its Scroll Compressor, made in North America. The Renaissance Xcede series is easy to service with innovative features such as a QUIK CLEAN SLIDE OUT DRAIN PAN and PROTECTED SERVICE PORT ACCESS that saves both servicing time and cost. With a sand trap-louvered jacket, its condenser coil stays protected from sand and debris, making it a perfect product for the Gulf region. This event also showcased Ruud’s other air-conditioning products including the Ducted and VRF ranges.
  • Ducted Air Conditioner (Complete system made in North America): It has a Low profile Slim Air Handler (VL3T) that offers convertible return air arrangement & saves space during installation. This also leaves more space for service. Ruud also has an American Style indoor unit (VHSL/LL) which installs in four different airflow configurations, providing flexibility in installation as well making it easy to install in tight spaces. For high system performance and durability, these come along with a top discharge Condensing unit. Its metallic powder-coated louvered cabinet is tested for durability by UL of USA & its North American Scroll Compressor ensures High Efficiency. This product can provide a total equivalent piping length of up to 90m* and is suitable for medium to high-rise buildings.
  • VRF Air Conditioner comes with a wide operation range, which makes it suitable for all seasons. It is tested up to 56 degrees C ambient temperature by third party laboratories and provides uninterrupted cooling at high ambient temperature. Its Auto dust removal feature makes it suitable for the Gulf market
Sustainability remains a key initiative for the Ruud brand, with almost 100% of Ruud products made with the environment-friendly R410A refrigerant today. Currently being adopted by most countries around the world, R410a is clearly the right choice when it comes to developing environment friendly products. Mr. Rodrigo Cedeno, Product Segment Leader – AC, Ruud brand USA highlighted how R410a is also beneficial to the consumer, with benefits such as Low Cost of Service, Longer System Life and Lower Power Consumption. He also presented trends showing the phase-out of R22 as per Montreal protocol and the globally reducing consumption of both R22 and R407C refrigerants. Ruud had the vision to be the first to launch R410A environment friendly products in the Gulf region in 2009, subsequently leading to the widespread adoption of R410A in the region. The Ruud brand has always set the bar high, providing quality products while keeping environmental protection in mind. *Terms & Conditions apply