Air Conditioning Products

Ducted Split Type

VA 14 + VPRL (60Hz)


  • Protection for long life : Painted Indoor Unit for Longer Life.
  • Engineered to ensures installation even in tight spaces : Low Height Units for Installation Flexibility.
  • Reliable Colling even in extreme weather : Operating up to 52 C Ambient.
  • Proud Sponsor of Airflow All-Around : Multiple Airflow Options.
  • Trustworthy for powers savings with every usage : High Efficiency Units (Up to 13 EER).
  • Continuous Saving for your Benefits : Easy Maintenance features ensures quick fixing of issues and reducing the overall maintenance cost.
  • Long Lasting Comfort with Aluminum Mesh Filter : Aluminum Mesh Filter lasts longer compared to the conventional plastic mesh filter.
  • Anti-Corrosive Cabient for Long Life : 1000 Hrs. Salt spray tested sheet metal.
  • Reliability beyond expectations : Enhanced Durbility with North American Scroll Compressor.
  • Trustworthy features for your comfort : Service trays and easy handling.
  • Reliable Design with (Metallic louvered jacket, metal fan and fan guard)
  • Protection even in extreme temperature : High and low Pressure Protection.
  • Long Lasting Comfort that feels just right : Filter Drier.
  • Customer - Focused quick serviceability features : 35% less screws.
  • Engineered to provide leading features : VERTICAL AIR-DISCHARGE.
  • Proud Sponsor of Long Piping Capability : Long Piping Capability.