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Solar Thermosiphon


  • Enjoy more power savings with our latest solar water heating solution! Richmond - The Water Heater Experts.
  • With a collector which is 30mm thick & insulation of 50Kgm3 density, we ensure you are able to enjoy hot water all along.
  • The water heater comes with storage tank which has a standard pre-painted galvanized steel exterior casing. This ensures longer life even during harsh weather conditions.
  • Ruud solar water heaters have interior protection with new direct type liquid enamel technology, cured at 850°C. This ensures higher protection from highly saline water and makes the system more durable.
  • Ruud brand solar water heaters come with Collectors which are tempered glass (3.2mm thick). These collectors are tested for maximum load pressure without damage up to 3000Pa. Now that's proven durability!
  • Our solar water heaters are produced with reinforced single-piece metal for enhanced strength to withstand winds up to 130km/h


  • 150 to 200-Liter Capacities with one collector
  • 200 to 300-Liter Capacities with two collectors
  • 15 BAR Pressure Tested
  • Closed Circuit Natural Circulation