Air Conditioning Products

Packaged Type

Ultra VKKL-B (50Hz)


  • Gas/Electric Packaged Unit
  • R-410A HFC refrigerant
  • Scroll compressors with internal line break overload and high pressure protection
  • TXV, fixed orifice or capillary tube refrigerant metering system depending on models
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure/Loss of charge protection standard on all models
  • Solid Core liquid line filter drier
  • Easily removable filter, blower, gas heat, and compressor/control access panels permits prompt service
  • Powder Paint Finish meets ASTM-B117 steel coated on each side for maximum protection
  • Externally mounted refrigerant gauge ports for easy service diagnostics
  • Easy to install plug-in; slip in, 100% fully modulating economizer
  • Forkable base rails for easy handling and lifting