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Ducted Split Type

Meridian Ducted Inverter Series


  • Ruud’s Inverter air conditioners come with a smart intelligent control which automatically identify a room’s cooling requirement and adjust the compressor speed accordingly. Thus, delivering the required cooling based on the space to be air conditioned and reducing the overall electricity consumption.
  • The new ‘Meridian’ Ducted Inverter series provides long-piping capability in a variety of residential and commercial applications.
  • Enjoy complete peace-of-mind with quiet operation of the new ‘Meridian’ Ducted Inverter Series
  • Designed specifically for gulf climate, the system provides uninterrupted cooling even during extreme weather conditions.
  • With the new Meridian Ducted Inverter series, we welcome you to a new level of technology. Engineered using latest analytics, we ensure trouble free performance and enhanced reliability of the system.
  • We provide superior features for your comfort. Our DC Inverter compressors can increase or decrease the speed and hence deliver the required cooling based on the space to be air conditioned.