Air Conditioning Products

Commercial Electric Water Heaters

Eclipse Light Duty


  • Exclusive 10-year limited tank warranty
  • Non-metallic, lightweight composite tank – no anode rod required
  • High density polyethylene dent and scratch resistant jacket
  • System Sentinel LED indicators are provided for each element to show when power is on
  • Lightweight tank is easier to maneuver and position
  • Control circuit switch provided for dry fire protection during installation
  • Bowl shaped tank bottom drains completely
  • Recessed Full-port, Full-flow drain valve is out of the way of brooms and scrubbers
  • Four titanium elements for resistance to lime build-up
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve at top of unit


  • Recovery rate up to 99 gallons GPH at a 100° F
  • 170° F maximum delivered temperature
  • Input of 12.4, 18 or 24 kW
  • 3100, 4500 or 6000 low watt density design (46, 67, 90 watts/sq. in.) with titanium sheath for superior protection
  • 85 & 105 gallon Capacities, 98% Efficiency