Air Conditioning Products

Ducted Split Type

Ultra VAWL+VHGL (50Hz)


  • Stamped louver panels offer 100% protection for the condenser coil
  • Scroll Compressor with internal high temperature protection and durable insulation on motor windings
  • Crankcase heater to prevent liquid refrigerant migration to compressor
  • Low ambient control (optional) allows operation of unit down to 0°F
  • High and Low pressure control for system protection during abnormal condition
  • Compressor Time Delay Control on tandem compressors
  • Filter drier as standard feature for each unit
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valves are standard for all models
  • One-inch throw-away filter is standard for all models
  • Basepan and cabinet are made of G90 galvanized steel with a durable paint finish capable of withstanding 1008-Hr salt spray test per ASTM-B117
  • Evaporator coil has two circuit, interlaced row split coils