Air Conditioning Products

Ducted Split Type



  • High Efficiency Units :The system has an Energy efficiency ratio of 12+, which means it is very efficient, provides power savings and lowers energy bills.
  • Operating up to 52 °C ambient :Designed specifically for KSA market, the system provides uninterrupted cooling even during extreme weather conditions.
  • Made in Thailand :The system is made in Thailand for superior all-round performance.
  • Low Height units for installation flexibility : The installation-friendly low height design ensures installation even in tight spaces.
  • ECONO :Save energy with ECONO mode. In ECONO mode, the system operates at auto fan speed and the temperature is set at 25°C
  • Timer :Automatically turns the air conditioner ON or OFF within a 15-hour period.
  • Easy maintenance :Easy maintenance features ensures quick fixing of issues and reducing the overall maintenance cost.
  • Aluminum mesh filter :Aluminum mesh filter lasts longer compared to the conventional plastic mesh filters
  • Auto Restart :In the case of power shutdown, this feature allows for the automatic restart with the previous settings (except the sleep and timer function which will be canceled), when the power resumes.
  • 100% leak tested and pressure from factory :The system is 100% leak tested, ensuring lesser maintenance and service issues.