Air Conditioning Products

Ducted Split Type

Achiever Plus VPGL+VHSL/VHLL (50Hz)


  • Heat Pump series
  • Louvered steel cabinet protects the coil from damage
  • Cabinet is constructed of powder painted galvanized steel
  • Single Row coil, easy to clean
  • Metallic fan blade, increased durability
  • Metal blower in Air handler
  • High density Thermal insulation
  • Expansion Valves with Internal Check Valve provides quieter refrigerant metering
  • Demand Defrost Control
  • Non-Cycling Reversing Valve
  • Hot Gas Muffler
  • Easily accessible control box
  • High and Low Pressure control
  • Slide-out design of blower housing for covenient service and maintenance
  • Energy efficient BLDC motor (VHLL)